From strategy creation to social media set-up and viral content development, One Digital has you covered, whether you are at square one or need to significantly boost your social media performance!
Social media success requires meticulous management and performance tracking. One Digital, through its technology platform, provides up-to-date resources and expertise to schedule, post, boost, promote, monitor, report and manage your community.
Capitalizing on your online presence to boost revenue generation is our expertise. The experts at One Digital will help you monetize your social media and blog posts, as well as all online content.

Viral Marketing


How It Works

How It Works

Viral marketing uses engaging and attractive content to transform your target audiences into brand advocates by sharing, commenting and liking your content. read more »


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About One Digital UAE
One Digital’s expert team will evaluate your market, understand your needs, and develop a strategy and content plan focused entirely on your unique needs.
One Digital will help you build brand equity and entice your target audiences locally and globally and exponentially grow your social media community.
Using viral marketing to reach influencers online and on social media is One Digital`s ultimate objective to make your online presence soar and create a ripple effect where your content goes above and beyond.

Operating in a connected world, One Digital provides 360 digital solutions to grow businesses and take brands more…

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Viral Content –  Experts Weigh In

When was the last time you created or posted something online that went viral? Whether you’re new to content marketing or are a viral content expert, you probably know that it can be nearly impossible to predict which tweet or video or meme might go viral. Often, it feels like virality is just simply random.…

Influencer Marketing: The Future of Online Campaigns

Keeping up with the latest trends in advertising and marketing is no longer a strategic advantage, rather a critical factor in surviving. We at One Digital are here to give you the down low about Influencer Marketing and why it is taking the branding and marketing world by storm. What is Influencer Marketing? Much like…

Responsibility for Social Media

Who is responsible for handling your social media?  One dedicated person?  Someone who maybe looks at it once in a while?  Or better yet, you have a content team and it is responsible for it.   In today’s rapidly moving social world, engaging with social media has come down to likes and re-tweets on various…

Facebook & Social Media Trends for 2017

FACEBOOK NOW HAS MORE THAN 2 BILLION MONTHLY USERS!!!! The future is NOW….Facebook personalized videos…..Messenger……Groups…..Content……VIDEO!!!!! It is important though to put the current state of affairs in context.   Per eMarketer, in 2016, Facebook accounted for almost two thirds of all social media advertising spending, and all expect that number to increase exponentially in 2017…

Social Media Strategy for B2B

Social media is about telling a compelling story and having that story heard. There are some basic principles for making that process successful and having your message heard. FOLLOW YOUR PROSPECTIVE CLIENTS Let’s assume you are at a convention in Dubai and that you are suddenly inundated with a lot of business cards from people…

From Social Connection to Conversion – The Social Conversion Team!

For most marketers, social media is an equally tantalizing and frustrating opportunity. The average consumer spends more time during the day on the major social media channels (almost two hours) than eating, drinking, grooming, socializing or doing laundry.  This is why marketers are steeped in the medium, using platforms like Facebook to launch new products,…