Influencer Marketing: The Future of Online Campaigns

Keeping up with the latest trends in advertising and marketing is no longer a strategic advantage, rather a critical factor in surviving. We at One Digital are here to give you the down low about Influencer Marketing and why it is taking the branding and marketing world by storm.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Much like political campaigns that employ mass teams of influencers, from celebrity supporters to strong media outlets, influencer marketing focuses on engaging a few strong influencers (mostly online) rather than focusing on reaching your entire target audience. How can reaching a few be more effective then reaching the mass? The power of this marketing strategy lies on relying on the reach and influence of key leaders, transforming them into brand advocates (even if they are in fact not current customers) that push your message to a larger audience

Influencer marketing focuses on the ability an influencer has in making, breaking or changing trends, as well as the credibility the influencer has with their audience. An influencer is in fact exactly as the name entails, it is a person, brand, page, etc. that has a strong and vast reach and ability to influence a mass audience. Influencer can include celebrities, public figures, online gurus, social media personalities, and so forth. It builds on the power of word-of-mouth communication but by using social media and other popular online channels.

How Does Influencer Marketing Work?

You or your marketing team research out top credible influencers with strong online social media presence and influencing ability with your target audiences. Then develop your content marketing strategy. Do you want to develop the content and share it with the influencer so that they spread it on their personal social media channels? Or do you want influencers to develop the content about your brand? Understand the message you want to convey to their followers, friends and family and decide accordingly. Next engage the influencers through a tailored marketing campaign. You can either inspire, hire, or pay influencers to promote your brand or content. Once you have decided on the content, influencers, and approach the rest is left to the power and impact of your selected influencers to spread your marketing message.

Why Influencer Marketing Should be in You Brand Strategy

Very simply potential customers can choose to block ads, whether through online permissions or by simply ignoring them. People who follow, engage with, and trust an influencer, however, choose willingly to listen to what they say. If an artist or fashionista, for example, mentions a brand they wear, their millions of fans and followers will most probably suddenly be interested in that brand. Even if they might not purchase immediately, brand recognition is a critical factor of building brand equity. If you want your brand to survive in 2017, you need influencers to be talking about you!

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