Facebook & Social Media Trends for 2017


The future is NOW….Facebook personalized videos…..Messenger……Groups…..Content……VIDEO!!!!!

It is important though to put the current state of affairs in context.


Per eMarketer, in 2016, Facebook accounted for almost two thirds of all social media advertising spending, and all expect that number to increase exponentially in 2017 and onward.

The Content Strategist, in Contently, posted the following 6 most important social media trends of 2017, which, in light of Facebook’s milestone, is very appropriate to look at it now.

As Contently puts it, here they are:

1.     Facebook’s mobile transformation is almost complete; by 2020, eMarketer predicts that 59 percent of all US users will access the app only through mobile.  And 80 percent of the company’s revenue already comes from mobile ads.

  1. Video is king – now and in the future! Video has become Facebook’s MAJOR focus, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has made his intentions very clear to make Facebook a video-first platform, some say copying Snapchat’s features such as Live Stories.  Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest and even LinkedIn have all integrated video in their platforms as the social media world is now primarily driven by live video content.
  1. Social is not just for millennials anymore!
  2. The line between “internet user” and “social network user” has been blurred dramatically!

If you use the internet, there is a very good chance you also use social media.

  1. The new measuring metric – AVERAGE REVENUE PER USER (ARPU)



In today’s world, growth is measured by how much value you can extract from each user and not from just simply growing your user base.  Just because a brand has a large user base, does not mean that it can extract the right value from that audience.


  1. MARTECH dollars are now coming into social media! – more and more money is beginning to look for a home in software that will organize, optimize, and manage a brand’s social image as well as the right type of software. Marketers are beginning to view social media as more than just content distribution channels – the focus now is on managing relationships with customers.  Whether one is advertising, marketing, or providing customer relationship management, platforms like Facebook will do everything to become a one-stop solution.
The focus now is on managing relationships with customers

Social Media marketing has to be done correctly and here are some principles to follow:


  • DEFINE what is your NICHE AUDIENCE – that is important because you will be curating your content towards that intended audience. That is your demographic.
  • ADD VALUE – value leads to followers which leads to monetization.
  • Create VIRAL VIDEOS – if done right, and if focused on the right content for your demographics, they have the potential to go viral. People want and need useful information – find a way to give it to them!  Keep it simple and keep it short!
  • COLLABORATE – reach out to like-minded influencers who can enhance and exponentially increase your followers. It is called social media for a reason.
  • Leverage hashtags – research the right hashtags and make sure they are applicable to your target audience and match your content.