Content Creation

Content Creation

  • Whether you are at square one, or already have your social media pages setup, we at One Digital will transform your social media presence, engagement and effectiveness exponentially!
  • One Digital’s expert team will evaluate your market, understand your needs, and develop a strategy and content plan focused entirely on your unique needs.

Expert Team

We have a team of highly specialized & skilled marketing strategists, web developers, content creators & designers.

SWOT Analysis

We will focus on your strengths, evaluate weaknesses, capitalize on opportunities & analyse threats to help you maximize performance.

Customized Strategy

We will develop a customized social media strategy to align with & help you achieve your brand & social media objectives.

Unique Content Plan

We will set a unique content plan to maximize viral reach, organic growth & meet KPIs & targets set in your customized strategy.

Creating Online Presence from Zero

  • Are you stressing because your social media presence is far behind competitors and others in the market? Whether you have zero or minimal social media presence, we at One Digital will help you propel your social media visibility, starting with an in-depth market analysis, competitor benchmarking, and trend tracking, followed by tailored strategy and content plan development, and finally implementation through engaging viral content development, scheduling, boosting and promoting.
  • Our expert team will take you from zero social media presence to star-level presence

List of Services

  • Long gone are the days when social media was simply an additional medium to support other marketing and advertising efforts. Social media is as critical, if not more so, than any other marketing and branding tool. Social media has transformed the way brands, companies, organizations, public figures and individuals behave and engage, by providing a two-way conversational platform.
  • At One Digital, our team of social media experts will evaluate where you stand, where you aim to go, and what is needed to get there, and develop a social media strategy catered to your specific needs and business goals. We will set an action plan, identify key performance indicators, and project social media growth. Having a clear communicated strategy facilitates effective measurement of success and return on investment (ROI).

Don’t know what type of content will entice and engage your audiences? Our team of content experts will analyze your target audiences, demographics, & trending topics to develop the most viral content for your specific needs. Specializing in growing organic reach, search engine optimization, and viral content, One Digital will work with you to understand your brand, who you want to speak to, and develop the right content for the right online channels ensuring you maximum reach and impact.

  • Our team of copywriters, graphic designers, and video editors together have the skills and know-how to develop viral content daily, ranging from photos to videos, to articles.
  • We can produce viral videos for a range of products, artists, or businesses, handle public relations for musicians and public figures, and provide content marketing via sponsored articles on our partner platforms.
  • Social media success comes from developing and publishing engaging and captivating content, such as a mix of articles, blog posts, video blogs, etc. This type of interesting viral content can drive traffic to your online channels, social media pages, blog, website, and e-commerce platform. One Digital’s team of creative copywriters and content developers track trending topics per target audience, and recommend, copy write, develop, and publish this content on your social media channels.
  • Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in online publishing and the latest tools, such as Facebook Instant Articles, Facebook/Instagram Carousel, WordPress, as well as online advertising including Google AdSense, Facebook Audience Network, customized advertising banners, etc. Our team will transform your social media channels to generate revenue through viral content with a much larger reach.
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