Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy

We at One Digital offer you the A-Z of social media management, from setting up your professional social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.; to developing engaging and viral content; to promoting your brand and content by leveraging our existing social media channels and website with millions of hits monthly, and so much more!

We will help you build brand equity and entice your target audiences locally and globally and exponentially grow your social media community.

Dedicated Team

One Digital offers every customer a dedicated team of social media experts, graphic designers, advertising specialists, video editors and copywriters.

Engaging Content

Specialized in viral content, our team of content creators will develop engaging videos, memes, posts, etc. to entice your audience.

Organic Growth

We focus on growing your online presence through compelling content to attract followers & promote engagement.

Performance Reports

The key to success is evaluating performance & analyzing what works versus what doesn’t. Our team will track your online performance.


With an entirely dedicated team and Account Manager to supervise activities and performance, One Digital offers your five-star brand or business five-star service and support.

With full-time services, our team will help your company or brand grow locally and internationally by effectively managing your social media pages round the clock, and keeping your audience engaged through viral and relevant content that results in ORGANIC GLOBAL REACH.

List of Services

Sit back and relax, our team will also handle scheduling and posting consistently on all your social media channels on time 24/7.We evaluate social media algorithm to find the right schedule for your social media posts. We will set the perfect number of posts and timing of posts to maximize reach, engagement, and organic growth.
Although we focus on saving our customers money by enhancing organic growth primarily, we also focus on maximizing paid advertising returns by optimizing spending for the optimal desired results. We help customers evaluate where to spend on social media ads, on what content, and which posts to boost to acquire the best results and reach.

Content Promotion
Creating unique, original, and engaging content tailored to your brand image and target audiences is what we do, but we take it even further! We leverage our strong network and partner with leading social media pages targeting the right demographics and geographic background to help grow your reach.

Currently, One Digital is successfully managing a global Facebook page with more than 8 million fans in 200+ countries. We can guarantee organic global reach for your business through cross posting and sharing on Radio One Lebanon. We will share your content and promote your blog and posts on this channel with high organic reach.

All marketing efforts are of no value if you do not measure results. Based on the goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) set in the social media strategy, we will regularly track results and measure the success through weekly and monthly reports about organic page growth, post engagement and reach, click through rates, and so forth.
Social listening is the differentiator between really leveraging social media to engage your target audience because it means monitoring and joining conversations about your brand. With the time and dedication social listening requires, many public figures or organizations find it very difficult to do so. Our dedicated team will engage with your fans on all platforms and monitor the conversations. We will know who is talking about your, what they are saying, and how to join the conversation to build brand equity and transform your audiences into brand advocates.

We will answer comments and online enquiries when needed, as well as ban or delete suspicious accounts that spread spam and negativity.

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