Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing

  • The best viral content can engage people from different worlds, languages, and cultures, breaking down boundaries and transforming followers, friends, friends of friends and the entire online population into vehicles to transport your message across geographic borders. At One Digital we focus on creating shareable and enticing content that creates a buzz for your brand and spreads awareness by transforming followers into your biggest brand advocates.
  • Using viral marketing to reach influencers online and on social media is our ultimate objective in order to make your online presence soar and create a ripple effect where your content goes above and beyond.

Viral Content Experts

Our dedicated & specialized expert team focuses entirely on creating the best viral content for maximum reach.

Influence Marketing

We have strong partnerships with networks of social media influencers and leverage these relationships to exponentially enhance your reach.

Sales Boost

By developing attractive videos demonstrating your product strengths & features, we spark a need & desire to have your product & boost sales.

Crowdfunding Campaigns

With our crowdfunding campaigns, we will help you generate demand & attract sponsors to support your innovation and transform it into reality.

Viral Solutions

With a large team of creatives and a talented production team, we are able to think up creative ideas and use the latest technologies and tools to develop these ideas and transform them into viral solutions for your brand.

We track trending topics, understand what people online want to see, and have a knack for developing and predicting what content will soar. With our viral solutions you will be able to maximize reach, increase fandom, grow sales, and build brand equity.

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List of Services

Whether you have an interesting product, compelling news, fun DIYs or helpful tips, we will take your content and material and develop viral promotions from attention-grabbing product videos to video articles, to Facebook/Instagram Carousel (video and article), to showcase pages.

At One Digital, we will ensure that your content is shared globally and drive traffic into your channels of choice: social media channels, websites, blogs, etc.

Do you have an innovation, new idea, or amazing solution but require funding to transform the idea into reality? Crowdfunding is the latest platform for aspiring innovators and entrepreneurs to get support, build a brand, and collect funding from people that believe in and back projects. With set targets, the success factor for crowdfunding, however, is to build a recognizable brand, share content about your innovation, and get people buzzing about you.

We at One Digital help upcoming businesses capitalize crowdfunding to the maximum. We promote your brand and content, create viral videos and posts, and drive traffic to your support page. We create demand for your innovative solutions by appealing to the masses with attractive and engaging viral content. We will have people craving what you have to offer and will encourage them to support your initiatives.

Social Media provides aspiring artists with a means of exposure and a tool for self-expression that was not available over a decade ago. Managing one of the leading social media channels with over 10 million followers worldwide – Radio One Lebanon, One Digital helps rising music talents achieve stardom and international reach.

One Digital offers music promotion services to help music artists expand their reach, increase their fan base, and have their voices heard worldwide. We offer live lounge services on Radio One Lebanon Facebook page where artists can perform live in front of our followers worldwide. We also produce viral video posts promoting artists, songs, and their personal social media and online channels. Actualizing your dream is our objective.

Managing one of the leading influencers on social media, Radio One Lebanon, a page that boasts 8 million active followers, One Digital guarantees organic global reach for your business. In addition to cross-promoting and sharing on relevant social media channels we manage, we will also develop content about your brand to be posted and promoted on these social media channels, such as articles and videos reviewing your brand, product, etc.

Build brand equity, reach your target audiences, and get brand visibility and ideal positioning in the minds of potential customers with our brand promotion services.

With e-commerce and virtual market places taking the business world by storm, the old brick and mortar system has almost become obsolete with millions of growing businesses not owning offices, plants, or warehouses. Many of these e-commerce channels do not even have a product of their own to sell. With so much competition online, One Digital offers well-needed e-commerce promotion. From promoting products and services sold on your e-commerce platform to promoting the platform itself, we will make sure that we maximize exposure, establish credibility, and increase website users.

For Search Engine Optimization, the more external channels link to your website, the more Google and other search engines deem you as a credible and trustworthy and thus rank you higher in results.

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